Yet another how to RE:invent 2019

This is my 3rd time attending the biggest cloud event in the world and I just thought that maybe I should share some of my earlier experiences as in "how to RE:invent" format.

I`ll keep this short though


Making an optimal schedule is impossible and the sessions you might have wanted to attend are full.

Don´t worry, you still might have a chance to get in.

To attend to a session you must scan in at least 10 minutes before the beginning of the session for any sessions that you have a reserved seat in to keep your spot. AWS release unclaimed seats 10 minutes prior to the session to those waiting in line.

SO if you want to get in to a session that was full at the registration, go to the waiting line early. Earlier years there have been about 25% of seats available for the waiting line.

Remember that nearly all sessions are available online after the event. So you might want to focus on those which aren´t like chalk talks, workshops, etc.


When attending to a keynote, keep in mind that you can always enjoy the luxury of your hotel room and view the live stream.

But If you really want to feel the excitement and suck the enthusiasm of all those fellow participants, then you need to wake up early and head to keynote location. If you haven´t been in this kind of event before that is, of course, something for you to experience.


Last year shuttles worked very well. Sometimes took more time with shuttle than by walking but if you have made enough room for location change the bus from Venetian to MGM can be a nice and relaxing moment on your busy day. Ones I had even a private shuttle :)


During the trip, You should be able to have your stomach full by utilizing RE:invent offering. The day usually starts with breakfast at some huge "garage" Even though an enormous amount of people Las Vegas convention center staff is able to feed you without queuing.

The same thing happens at lunch. There are usually also a lunch box available if you have tight schedule. So just go and grab a box and something to drink and head out to your next session

At evenings you might want to attend to those numerous extra events around RE:invent where you can find free food and drinks

If you want to get in touch with me during the event, just send me a message!