Which cloud service I should choose?

This is a very tricky question, but I think that there are some points that we can use.

I think that AWS, Azure and GCP have some fundamental differences. If you are familiar with the past fight between Linux and Windows, you can see same kind of fundamentalism between AWS and Azure. Linux dudes can relate to the freedom of AWS... only your imagination is the limit.

Windows users can somehow more relate to AzureĀ“s more windows like UI, they have not used to use scripts or coding to get things done.

GCP tries to do everything as user-friendly as possible which means that there is a trade-off of what you can or can not do.

Media companies using heavily Google analytics might have lots of benefits using CGP and BigQuery. Then again some might think that there is a huge benefit of going to Azure when you already have Office365 and Azure AD, even though that is just a common misconception. From the feature point, you could say that AWS and Azure are quite the same, but the reality is that Azure is great on paper but the practice has shown that lots of the wanted features are in beta or lacking some key functionalities. One thing that might be a huge differentiator is the location. GCP has a local presence in Finland, AWS in Sweden and Azure in Germany... will be in Norway... soon... So there are differences and we should be able to elaborate on those. This is not an easy task and there are no right answers.

What ever the choise is, you should have a good partner