#reinvent2019 : Just arrived

First impressions about the site

Nothing has changed since the last visit. Vegas is still the weirdest place I've ever visited and all its shabby glamour still intact.

AWS has again managed to gather all the brightest stars of IT to Vegas. For the whole week, we will hear about their newest achievements and learn new skills.

Seems that the event is again bigger than last year. More locations to jump into and more sessions, more people. Still, it's all well organized and everything runs smoothly... Well let's see what happens on Monday!

What's New with AWS?

From the start of November, AWS has released about 480 new feature and service and the pace has fastened just before #reinvent. This just states the fact that cloud services are evolving with huge pace and it's almost impossible to keep up.

Some highlights of the latest releases are Athena new features, Tag policies, and finally also some improvments for AWS SSO

One prediction maybe yes?

I'll just make one that might be obvious, but will make it still :)

There will be something for lowcode...

Swag update!

As always swag is something that need attension :) I just went to get my package and here it is.

Reinvent Swag

Hoodie, water bottle and bunch of pins

Certification Swag

T-shirt, socks, sticker, and pins

Certification Lounge a bit hard to find... You can find it where the Venetian venue areas starts on the right

Ballroom A